Small Print Runs: Stand Out with Specialty Print Techniques

Express Image August 04, 2016

What do you do when your print run is small but you still want to add special effects? In order to stand out amongst the crowd, many marketers are adding specialty print techniques to their longer run print jobs. At the same time, print runs and marketing campaigns are becoming shorter and more targeted which leaves a challenge to add specialty techniques when you don’t have the large runs that typical commercial print could achieve.

Here we will review the many options available to marketers and designers as to how the creative use of special effects can make a printed piece dimensional, intriguing, and tactile – all while staying within budget.

At Express Image, we are at the top of the industry when it comes to adding specialty effects to small print runs. Here’s a basic run-down of your options, however, please keep in mind that this list is not all-inclusive. So no matter what idea you have, please let us know your dream and we will figure out a solution.

  • Strike-through technique on large and small format print
  • Soft-touch coating
  • 3-D coating and specialty clear inks
  • Glow in the dark inks
  • Shimmer and glitter inks
  • White inks
  • Reflective and unique substrates
  • Thermographic
  • Mixed media

As you can imagine, many of these techniques can be mixed and matched for some really impressive effects. Utilizing our wide array of large format presses, HP Indigo presses, screen printing presses and a large finishing department, our team of specialists will help you achieve the end result you desire – and within budget!


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