Beacons Benefit Your Customers (and You)

Express Image August 04, 2016

  • At Express Image, we feel great content is meant to be shared! Below are a few highlights from the article, Beacon data predicts store visits, supporting timely offers, written by Chantal Tode and posted in Luxury Daily on May 11, 2016.

Beacons deliver beyond in-store promotions

  • Beacons predict when a shopper is most likely to visit a store so an offer can be sent in advance, resulting in a verified sales lift.
  • Bona Hardwood Floor Cleaner used predictive mobile advertising based on beacon data in the first quarter of 2016 to target shoppers who were due for a shopping trip as indicated by their weekly store visit habits. This campaign resulted in 55% average brand awareness, 25.3% post-engagement purchase intent and 3.2 times the expected return-on-investment.
  • Reviewing in-store data over time, patterns emerge and one can reach shoppers leading up to that in-store visit which helps brands ramp up their messaging just before the store visits and when people are most receptive.

Sales lift
In a separate Q1 effort, a brand in packaged meat category worked with Crescendo Collective and inMarket to target a subset of 17 million shoppers in the top five designated marketing areas with predictive banners, resulting in a verified sales lift of 3.5%, per Nielsen.

Smarter marketing
Per Crescendo Collective, this strategy delivers a more engaged audience than other forms of digital marketing, such as paid search, promoted social and display ads. “Ads on our phones will get smarter and more adaptive,” Mr. Hunter said. “Consumers will see more relevant ads before they shop, and fewer when they’ve just completed a store trip.

“Advertisers will improve ad spend efficiency by eliminating wasted impressions on folks who aren’t receptive to their message,” he said. “After all, who wants to go back to the store after they just got home?”

Deliver immersive experiences and interactive engagement throughbeacons while consumers use their favorite shopping apps.

Express Image’s industry-leading network of secure beacons can be deployed pretty much anywhere and everywhere and are backed by data to accurately target shoppers before, during, and after their visit to any retail environment.

Seconds count. Predict them and delight your customers.

  • Beacons are small indoor positioning devices that use low-energy Bluetooth to communicate with a shopper’s smartphone and allow advertisers to deliver customized messages aimed at improving the shopping experience. The customized messages are based on consumers’ preferences, previous shopping habits, location and other predictive data.
  • BI Intelligence report projects that use of beacons will grow 287% to nearly five million by 2018.

How it works 
A beacon will constantly emit its UUID within a programmable range from a few meters to 50 meters. When a Bluetooth is enabled on a customer’s device, their Passbook Pass searches for beacons close-by. If there is a match between the beacon’s UUID and the customer’s device, a relevant message can be displayed on the device.

The real value of beacons is in the data and analytics which will allow for adjustments to in store layouts, product placement, target market penetration and on-site digital and print displays.



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