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Increase ROI with Specialty Print Techniques That WOW

At one point or another, we all need inspiration to add a WOW to our marketing campaigns. It helps us get through the creative ruts, make a case to our team why a certain technique should be...
August 18, 2016

Interactive Wayfinding Benefits Your Customers (and You)

Today’s consumers follow whatever path they want and expect you to communicate with them and anticipate their wants and needs. Although printed wayfinding has been around for a long time, more and...
August 04, 2016

Small Print Runs: Stand Out with Specialty Print Techniques

What do you do when your print run is small but you still want to add special effects? In order to stand out amongst the crowd, many marketers are adding specialty print techniques to their longer...

August 04, 2016

Print vs. Digital Signage Art Prep


Have you ever wondered why printed images compared to digital signage reproduction can vary significantly? Content for print media is different in...

August 04, 2016

Beacons Benefit Your Customers (and You)

  • At Express Image, we feel great content is meant to be shared! Below are a few highlights from the article, Beacon data predicts store visits, supporting timely offers, written by Chantal Tode and...

August 04, 2016


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