5 Tips To Consider When Selecting Your Digital Signage Software Solution

Express Image October 10, 2016


Digital signage software and solutions provide a great customer-centric experience through the ability to provide customer information, gather data about customers, learn from this data, and then use it to interact with them more strategically. The digital signage industry is growing rapidly and is expected to reach $23.76 billion by 2020, at a compound annual growth rate of 8.18% between 2015 and 2020, according to the Markets and Markets Research: Digital Signage Market worth $23.76 Billion by 2020 Report. 

If you are surveying the digital signage technological landscape, it helps to know what solutions are worth paying attention to and which ones can be tabled for the time being. The key is to identify digital signage solutions and technology that will boost performance and better position you to embrace future innovations. 

Items that should be top of mind when navigating your digital signage software and hardware solutions. 

  1. Identify the key purpose(s) of your digital signage solution and how it will impact your audiences and their expectations. 
  2. Identify the key stakeholders and other marketing channels that will support your objectives and solutions, not only in the beginning but also long-term. 
  3. Create a comprehensive digital signage media strategy that defines the what, how and why of your program. For example, do you want your digital signage solution to 1) Enhance employee engagement or training or 2) Increase sales or awareness of new products, to name a few? Next, identify your content and creative design plan to ensure consistency and alignment with your company brand standards and messaging. 
  4. Identify what hardware and software will best meet your digital signage business objectives. Select the right hardware to support your strategy and a customized content management system that will support your strategies and applications. 
  5. Identify what will define success and how you will measure your digital signage solution. 


Don't worry, you do not need to explore your digital signage and software options alone! The Express Image Proven process provides us and our clients with a proven way to put all the pieces together, incorporating each stage in the correct order to strengthen and deliver the best client experience possible, time and time again.

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